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Warehouse and Distribution Centre Racking

Making sure shops, warehouses or distribution centres are safe environments not only for staff and employees to work in but where the public can visit safely is crucial. After all no store wants to risk injuries being suffered which could land owners in court. Storage Aspects design a wide range of warehouse racking which ensures that everyone who regularly goes into an area where the racking has been erected remains safe whilst at the same time optimising the area efficiently.

Whether you need to store palleted goods or any other items, we can offer you a free detailed site survey with a view to advising you on how to maximise the use of an available space. This will ensure the area is used to its maximum storage capacity. If an area is used optimally, the more stock or other items can be stored in a warehouse or distribution centre which in turn means you could improve productivity.

We Carry Our an Initial On-site Survey

Once the site survey has been carried out, the next stage is to install the warehouse racking. This work is undertaken by our highly qualified and skilled installation teams who follow our recommended guidelines to the letter. Every installer is Safe Pass trained with a dedicated Manager there to supervise the work throughout the whole installation process from start to finish, this includes being present at the initial site survey. Our teams of installers are also highly qualified to take down racking and other installations to be reassembled at another site should this be required.

The Importance of a Method Statement & Risk Assessment

Before any installation starts, it is always a good idea to have a method statement in place and a risk assessment should be carried out so that all the work remains compliant with Health and Safety regulations. It's also crucial to have all flooring inspected to ensure it can take the weight of the racking system and the goods to be stored on it. This has to be calculated to the maximum load capacity. The floor would also need to be suitable for the racking to be secured to it and this has to be to the specifications as recommended by the manufacturers, which is why our initial on-site survey is so crucial before any of the work can begin.

Customising Racks to Suit Locations

We can tailor the racking to suit the location to ensure the space is used to its maximum capacity offering maximum storage capabilities. We can also advise on the best racking systems to use for large, medium or small areas where any goods need to be stored with a view to optimising the area's storage capacity. Our team of experts would carry out an initial site survey to inspect the flooring, confirm the racking can be safely secured to it, calculate the floor space available and ceiling height as well as confirm the floor will be able to take the maximum load capacity of the racking when fully stocked.

Years of Experience in Design & Installation

With years of experience, we are leaders in racking systems and other storage installations and are able to design and install standard as well as customised storage solutions to many businesses whether shops, warehouses or distribution centres. Our installation procedures are tried and tested which guarantees our racking systems are safe and strong for life. This provides our customers the storage solutions they require ensuring their stock holding systems meet all Health and Safety standards and the most stringent of checks.

We also undertake to regularly inspect the racking systems we install to ensure they remain in good and safe condition. Should any repairs be deemed necessary, we would be able to carry out the work efficiently with the minimum amount of disruption to a working environment.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the racking systems we design, supply and install whether it's for a shop, warehouse, distribution centre or other working environment, please call our sales team on 0800 033 7075 for further assistance.