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We design and install roller racking systems to help you maximise your space and storage capacity. Our roller racking is available in a wide range of sizes to suit all buildings and is tailor made to meet your needs and requirements.

What is roller racking?

Roller racking is a high-density storage arrangement used by businesses from a wide range of industries. Unlike traditional static shelving, it does not have aisles, meaning it offers a higher capacity of storage, whilst taking up less floor space. Roller racking is often mobile, allowing you to transfer it from one room to another with ease.

Roller racking units run on tracks. Operation is achieved by using the hand wheels located on the shelving unit. Some roller racking systems can be automated and controlled using a push-button. To access the contents of the shelving, you simply need to roll apart the shelving to create an aisle in the desired location. You can then gain direct access to the item you require.

Benefits of using roller racking

As previously stated, roller racking is a high-density storage system that takes up very little floor space. This is incredibly beneficial to companies that lack space and do not have the budget to re-locate to larger premises. Roller racking will fulfill your storage requirements, without taking up too much room, allowing you to use the space you have saved more efficiently.

Unlike traditional static shelving, roller racking is highly mobile. This means that you can move it around your business premises as and when you wish to. Having a mobile storage solution can be very beneficial, as it means you will not have to spend time unloading the contents in order to transport them elsewhere.

Another benefit of roller racking is that it is much more secure than traditional static shelving arrangements. This is due to the fact that the shelving can be rolled together, closed and secured to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing its contents. This is particularly beneficial for organisations looking to house confidential information such as medical files and business documents.

Who uses roller racking?

Roller racking can be used by any organisation for almost any storage application. Below we have listed some of the businesses and organisations that benefit from using roller racking:





Doctors surgeries

Schools and colleges





Government agencies

Pharmaceutical facilities


Designing and installing roller racking

Roller racking can be used as a storage application in any location, from offices, to libraries and warehouses. Whether you are looking for roller racking for your office files, medical records or for storage use in your warehouse, we can build a highly functional system that will meet the needs and requirements of you and your staff.

Roller racking can be made from a wide range of materials. It can also feature different types of shelving units to facilitate the safe storage of your items. For example, if you need to house books and files, we can install basic shelving, whereas if you need to house something like laboratory equipment or chemicals, we can design a special tray shelving solution.

Not only can we design a bespoke roller racking solution for your business, but we can also install it for you on-site. Our team of experienced installers will visit your work place at a time that is most convenient for you and install your roller racking system in your desired location. We provide a fast and reliable service, causing as little disruption to you and your staff as possible.

Get in touch

Storage Aspects deal with a wide range of clients ranging from small start up companies to multi-national corporations. If you are interested in buying a bespoke roller racking system and having it installed at your work premises, please get in touch by emailing info@storageaspects.co.uk. We will then open an account for you. Alternatively you can phone us on 0800 033 7075 and make your payment via company credit or debit card. We also offer a comprehensive Roller Racking Repairs and service solution.