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Repairs to Mobile Shelving

We offer a first class repair service for all types of storage solutions including mobile shelving units whether we installed them or if they are older models which are no longer on the market. We boast a full range of spare parts for both new and older storage systems which we hold in stock at all times. Your mobile shelving systems can be repaired as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of disruption to the workplace.

Repairs to New and Older Mobile Shelving Units

If your offices are fitted with mobile roller shelving or roller racking, we offer a repair service for both older and new installations which includes supplying replacement components when necessary. This service includes repairs to electric roller racking with the option to dismantle and rebuild all compact storage shelving so the systems operates smoothly and efficiently.

Highly Qualified and Skilled Technicians

All our technicians and engineers are highly qualified and experienced in maintaining, servicing and repairing all types of storage solutions installed in small and large offices, retail outlets, warehouses, factories and distribution centres for satisfied customers throughout the UK.

Repairs to mobile storage solutions are carried out causing the minimum amount of disruption to the workplace which means productivity can continue whilst the work is being done. Once the repairs have been completed, our technicians will write up a detailed report and a copy of this will be sent to your offices for your records. All repairs carried out on mobile shelving solutions will be compliant with the manufacturer’s specifications using only recommended replacement parts.

Our Call Out Service

We offer a Call Out service for emergency repairs to ensure that all your mobile shelving solutions are fixed quickly and efficiently causing the minimum amount of disruption to the workplace. Should you find any mobile shelving units are stuck and won't move our technicians will check all key components in order to track down the problem before carrying out the necessary repairs. They will then check the system works as it should, clean out tracks before vacuuming them and lubricating all components that need oiling.

A copy of the full report of the repairs detailing the work that was carried out will be sent to your offices so you can keep a record of the work on file.

Our Commitment to Customers

Our repair services are second to none and our team of dedicated engineers and technicians are committed to maintaining a very high standard of work at all times. No repair is too small or too big for us to undertake to ensure your mobile storage solution runs smoothly and operates easily making employees daily tasks a seamless experience which in turn enhances their productivity. We make it our mission to ensure repairs are carried in a professional manner as quickly as possible because we realise our clients need to have access to goods, records, documents and other items which are stored or archived at all times.

Years of Experience

We are leaders in the field of storage solutions and have years of experience when it comes to advising clients in all industries whether large or small. Our technical expertise when it comes to design is top notch, our products are top quality items made in our factories and our staff are hand-picked and highly skilled people and we are able to repair all makes of storage systems both older models and new.

If you would like to find out more information on our repair services please contact us on 0800 033 7075. One of our highly skilled team will be able to answer any questions you may have about our Call Out and repair services.