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We are specialists when it comes to optimising storage space for companies and businesses that need to hold a specific volume of stock on their premises. We also offer the highest quality storage solutions for offices, shops and other retail outlets.

All of our products are of the highest quality and our services are second to none from the design stage right through to installation. We offer our clients the advice they need to optimise storage space within their premises as well as offering valuable services which includes maintenance, repairs and inspections of all mobile shelving units to ensure the storage systems are working optimally.

Mobile Shelving Helps a Business Run Smoothly

Businesses today require more space to store records, documents and valuable items and products whether it's in a storeroom, warehouse or distribution centre ready to be dispatched to clients. Our storage systems and installations offer an effective solution keeping everything a business needs safe and easily accessible at all times. We can organise a storage space so it's used to maximum effect which in turn helps a business run smoothly on a day to day basis.

One of the most popular storage installations we supply to many of our valued customers is mobile shelving because it offers the work environment a practical, space saving and cost effective storage solution that meets their business needs. Cataloguing and indexing products, files and other items allows employees to find the items they need with the minimum amount of fuss and delay which enhances their productivity.

Compact Space Saving Storage Solutions

These compact systems offer the perfect storage solution to working environments where space is limited allowing a business to hold documents, company records and other items safely on the premises which helps keep monthly overheads down. The systems are also very convenient and easy to use which helps staff carry out their daily tasks efficiently which in turn enhances productivity and your bottom line. A Great Choice of Colours, Materials & Sizes

We supply a vast range of mobile storage units in many different colours and we can make them out of a variety of materials. We can tailor units to fit into a required area and supply many different sizes to suit the needs of any specific niche industry and business which guarantees a space saving storage solution of up to 150% as compared to existing or traditional shelving solutions.

The Initial On-site Survey

We carry out an on-site survey which allows us to assess your storage needs at which time we listen to your business goals before advising which type of mobile storage system to install in your place of work. We inspect the floors to ensure the tracks can be securely fixed to them so the mobile shelving systems can be operated safely and smoothly.

The Installation Process

Our expert team of installers will carry out the work causing the minimum amount of disruption to the work environment. Once the installation has been completed, our fitters will test out the systems to make sure they are working optimally and can offer a demonstration on to how to operate the system so employees get to see how it all works.

Our After Sales Services

We offer a full maintenance and repair service to all our customers. If you find your mobile shelving units are sticking or you are struggling sometimes to move them, we also offer a Call Out service which means one of our highly skilled engineers will get to you quickly to fix the problem causing the minimum amount of disruption to the workplace.

Our Commitment to Customers

We pride ourselves in the quality of service we offer valued customers and this includes our after sales service which is second to none. Any questions or problems with a mobile shelving unit will be repaired with the minimum amount of fuss or delay so that your employees can continue to carry out the work they need to do as efficiently as possible.

If you would like to get more information about the mobile shelving systems we design, build and install, please contact our sales team on 0800 033 7075 who will be more than happy to assist you in your enquiry.