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Servicing Mobile Shelving Systems

Many offices whether large, medium or small use mobile shelving systems to store records and documents because they are a space saving and practical solution. The systems are also a popular choice with auction houses and museums where valuable works of art need to be stored safely in the best conditions. Libraries too use these practical and efficient systems to store books and as with most things around a workplace, the systems need to run and work smoothly so staff can carry out their daily jobs easily and efficiently.

Maintaining and servicing mobile shelving systems on a regular basis ensures that it all works as it did when it was first installed in your premises. Over time dust and debris builds up in tracks and this needs to be routinely cleaned and vacuumed out so the tracks run smoothly. On top of this key components need to be tested and when necessary lubricated so the systems are easy to operate.

Organising Routine Servicing Made Easy Organising routine servicing is easy with qualified engineers carrying out the work in a timely fashion causing a minimum of disruption to the work environment. If you prefer the engineers can do the necessary maintenance work out of office hours either in the evenings or at weekends, whichever you find the most convenient.

Types of Mobile Shelving We can service all types and makes of mobile shelving and this includes Rackline, Link 51 and Brunzeel systems. Should your systems be older models, we carry a vast array of spare parts for both new and older mobile shelving units which means we are able to carry out any necessary repairs to older systems too.

What the Services Involves Our engineers are fully qualified to service all types and makes of mobile shelving and have a check list of things they will inspect and service to ensure the system is working correctly. This check list includes the following:

To check hand wheels and lubricate them when necessary To check and clean all tracks, to vacuum out tracks so systems run smoothly and are easily operated To check all key components of a system so as to ensure everything is working properly and to replace any damaged, broken or used parts with new ones To make sure all systems are working correctly To make a detailed report of the service with a view to sending the client a copy to kept on file To place a sticker on the system detailing when the next service is due Organising a Service Agreement When it comes to organising a service agreement, there are three options available which are detailed below:

3 month agreement

6 month agreement

12 month agreement

You may prefer to have tailored service agreement to suit your business needs, which we will happily organise so the mobile shelving systems in your offices are maintained in pristine condition at all times which ensures they can be operated easily by all members of staff.

Hand Picked Fully Qualified Engineers All our engineers are hand-picked, highly qualified technicians who carry out a service causing the minimum of disruption to the work environment. Should you know of a problem with a system, discussing the problem with the engineer when they are on-site will ensure the problem is fixed during a routine service.

Our Emergency Call Out Service Should you encounter a problem with a mobile shelving system that needs to be sorted out as soon as possible, we can send out one of our engineers who will be able to inspect the system to identify the problem and then carry out the repair without causing any further delays in the work place. We offer a call out service to all valued customers to ensure their systems are working smoothly at all times.

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