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Mobile Shelving and Mobile Filing Units Servicing and Repairs

Mobile Shelving and Mobile Filing Units Servicing and Repairs
Mobile shelving, mobile filing units and roller racking systems offer businesses one of the most effective ways of storing important files and other documents without taking up too much floor space in the office. However, when a system is damaged in any way, it can make life that much harder for you and your office staff to carry out their daily tasks. Having even the smallest repair expertly carried out quickly, means everyone carry on with their jobs uninterrupted by an annoying mobile shelf that won't move as it should or a racking system that sticks.

The repair services offered valued customers covers mobile shelving and roller racking whether they are ultra-modern designs or older systems and we carry a vast range of spares for most makes whether for brand new, innovative systems or older models that have been found in offices for a number of years. Arranging a Convenient Time Our engineers are all highly qualified and hand-picked technicians who are able to carry out repairs to most systems with the minimum amount of disruption to the workplace However, if you would prefer to have any repairs, servicing or maintenance carried out in the evening or weekends, this is an option we offer to all our valued customers. A Call Out Service for Emergencies If you find that one of your systems won't work correctly, we can arrange for one of our qualified engineers to come out to your offices to carry out necessary repairs as a matter of emergency. The engineer will check over all the key components, find the problem before repairing it and then proceed to clean the tracks to ensure everything runs smoothly again. Service, Repairs & Maintenance Reports Whether it's a service, maintenance or where repairs are needed to a roller racking system or mobile shelving, once the engineer has completed the work, they will write up a detailed report and you will be sent a copy to hold on record. The engineer will also place a sticker on the system indicating when the work was carried out. If the system has been serviced, the sticker will include the due date of the next service. The Work Carried Out During Routine Servicing Highly experienced engineers carry out any maintenance and repairs needed on all types of mobile shelving and roller racking systems commonly found in many offices, libraries, hospitals, museums and other work areas.

When it comes to servicing, the engineers check the system's key components to make sure everything is running smoothly. Their check-list includes the following: To check and lubricate drive assemblies as necessary To check drive wheels are running smoothly To check drive shafts and lubricate when necessary To Scrape tracks removing all debris accumulated in them To vacuum tracks and side grooves to ensure everything runs as it should Servicing and repairs to mobile shelving and roller rack systems typically takes a day to complete and the work may be carried out during office hours or when it is convenient whether this in the evening or at weekends. The PUWER Certificate After the necessary work has been carried out by a qualified engineer, a detailed report is sent to you outlining what work was involved. A PUWER certificate of compliance will also be sent out to your offices as proof the work was carried out by a qualified engineer and which can be held on record. Organising a Service Contract to Suit Your Needs Organising a service contract to suit your requirements couldn't be easier with the option of a three monthly, a six monthly or annual agreement being available to all customers. If you run a busy office where mobile shelving is in constant use, you can arrange a maintenance and servicing schedule to suit your business needs to keep the systems running smoothly at all times. Making sure your systems are in pristine condition allows employees to carry out their daily tasks unhindered by faulty equipment which can affect productivity. Arranging for expert maintenance and servicing is not only essential but an affordable way to make sure all your mobile shelving and roller racking systems work smoothly. Should you require any repairs, the service offered is top notch with an option to organise an emergency call out should this be deemed necessary.

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