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We offer a range of cylinder trolleys to suit all hospital medical gas cylinders, including those which can be locked to the wall in a ward. These lockable gas cylinder trolleys are designed to meet the requirements of the NHS in the safe usage of patients.

Manual handling regulations and guide lines advise that moving heavy and awkward items such as gas cylinders requires specific training and the correct trolleys and storage racks. For hospital applications, where the cylinders are often stored some distance from the ward to surgical operating theatre the need for the correct trolley is essential. The trolley design must allow easy and safe loading and unloading of the cylinders, by one person. Therefore a three or four wheeted trolley is ideal for this application as it can be easily loaded and then moved around the hospital as required. The need ot retain the cylinder whislt it is in the trolley is very important for safety and all our hospital gas cylinder trolleys are fitted with a drop down locating bar that holds the cylinders securely in place. The use of the correct wheels and tyres also allows ease of movement and our trolleys are fitted with non marking type, thus ensuring that no marks are left on the floor covering. The different sizes of cylinders used within a hospital or clinic requires different types of trolleys, therefore within any NHS Trust or hospital the users must have the correct trolleys to handle the various types of cylinders. The small light weight cylinders can be moved in upto twelve at a time, however the large cylinders, type J or G for example need to be moved singularly or in pairs.

Available in a range of sizes to suit all applications.