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Health centre storage of the lloyd george envelopes or patient notes can be easily stored in our range of storage systems that we supply. These cost efficent options include roller shelving using narrow shelves designed tostore the lloyd george record file directly on the shelf. Alternatively some health centres  prefer to store their patient notes in boxes or trays that hold up to 20 patient records each. These boxes or trays are then stored on shelving that we design and install to accomodate the number of boxes that you have. Therefore we can offer you a range of storage options so as to be able to provide the correct solution for your practice or PCT.

We can design our patient record storage systems to be fully compliant with the Caldicott Report's requirements on the secure handling and storage of health records. We offer a range of secure mobile shelving and static storage cabinets, as well as a range of transfer bags and crates.

Our Lloyd George file storage systems are compliant with the requirements of the CQC. The Care Quality Commission recommendations are fully complied with so as to allow the health centre to offer secure storage of patient notes, Lloyd George files and their ease of accessability.