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Hospital Gas Cylinder Storage Racks

We are specialists when it comes to the supply of a wide range of hospital gas cylinder storage racks to many healthcare environments. Our designs allow for the safe handling of all types and sizes of cylinders and our storage designs keeps them safe when full or empty. We pride ourselves in offering a vast range of sizes which allows us to meet all our customer applications and requirements. Our modular design allows for absolute flexibility which is a feature valued by many of our satisfied customers whether its hospitals, health centres and private clinics.

Offering the Ideal & Safe Storage Solutions

Our specifically designed cylinder stalls and containers provide customers with the ideal solution for all healthcare environments and other work areas where compressed air cylinders are commonly and frequently used in the course of a working day rendering them safe environments to work in.

The Importance of Correct Storage

When it comes to storing gas cylinders it is crucial that safety guidelines are adhered to at all times which is why it's so important to have the correct storage system installed from the word go. The storage solutions have to be able to handle the full range and types of cylinders typically used within the healthcare industry, whether it's the private of public sector. There are very specific guidelines set out by the NHS with regard to the size and weight of larger G and J cylinders and how they are handled by hospital staff. When it comes to storage, the cylinders have to be safely and securely kept in special racks whether they are full or empty and they have to be kept apart.

Our gas cylinder container and stall designs offer safe and secure storage with effective design layouts which provides hospital and other staff a means to use correct handling techniques at all times. The guidelines set out by the NHS specifically stipulate that all gases have to be stored separately and that full and empty cylinders have to be stored separately too.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our aim is to provide the safest gas cylinder storage systems and as such reduce the risks of injuries and problems that are often associated with storing and handling medical gas and/or compressed air cylinders. Hospital staff and patients need to feel safe when they are around any sort of medical cylinders whether it's on a ward or other healthcare environment. Our designs offer a wide range of very high quality cylinder containers as well as cylinder restraints and medical cylinder holders which ensures the risk of injury to staff or patients is kept to a minimum.

A Wide Range of Sizes Available

Our gas cylinder storage solutions are specifically designed to accommodate the more widely used medical cylinder sizes which are commonly seen and used on hospital wards as well as treatment rooms and hospital theatres. However, we can tailor a storage solution to meet most requirements and would be willing to discuss a customer’s needs with a view to providing the best storage solution for them.

Supplying the Public & Private Sector

We supply top quality gas cylinder storage solutions to both the public and private medical sectors and this includes veterinary clinics, dentists and other niche industries that used any sort of compressed air in their line of work. We can undertake a commission whether it's large or small so that you successfully have the best and safest gas cylinder storage solution in the workplace.

Top Quality Containers Made to Last

The gas cylinder containers we design, manufacture and keep in stock as standard are made out of top quality steel which boasts being corrosion-resistant. Should containers need to be fixed to walls, there are fixing points on the containers which allow for this to be done when necessary. Our designs make it easy for staff to relocate containers when needed which means cleaning the area where they are stored is made that much simpler too. This is crucial in a hospital environment where pristine conditions are essential at all times.

Inspecting & Maintaining Storage Systems

We offer a first class service when it comes to inspecting and maintaining all gas cylinder storage systems whether we supplied the units or not. Should any repairs be required, we would be willing to undertake to carry these out so that all your storage units are in pristine condition at all times and which means you remain compliant with all current Health and Safety regulations.

If you would like to find out more information about our safe and secure gas cylinder storage systems please contact our sales team on 0800 033 7075, a member of the team would be happy to assist you with your enquiry.