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BA or Breathing Apparatus Cylinder Racks   Back to Medical Gas Storage Racks, Cages, Cabinets, Shelters and Trolleys

We supply a wide range of BA cylinder storage racks or breathing apparatus cylinder storage racks that are designed to store the cylinders safely and securely, whislt allowing easy access. Available in a range of sizes to suit the cylinder size, the racks are designed to also protect the valve. The photo shows a cylinder rack holding 15 cylinders and we can increase the number to suit your requirements. The emergency air cylinders storage racks provide the ideal method of storing the cylinders and we can also supply the racks with a framework that allows the air compressor to sit beneath them, thus creating more space.

We can also supply BA storage racks to any configuration, including storing the cylinders verticatlly. We can also provide gas cylinder storage racks designed for use in ships and oil rigs that have a locking bar, thus preventing the cylinders from falling out of the racks.